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Architecture is a background art for many of us but it has a great impact–shaping our lives and culture. No matter how wonderful or banal a building may be, it says something about who we are as a people living at a particular time and place.

Rather than catalog buildings, this site brings architecture to life in another way—through profiles of the people who designed them. You can search by building, architect, or location. Check out the site!

You’ll find most of the architects who designed structures from pioneer settlement to the opening of the School of Architecture at the University of Utah in 1949. We are adding those from 1950-on, with enhancements to the information including descriptions of the buildings when available, and biographical narratives for some.

With so many more practitioners after 1950, we have had to be more selective. If you don’t find someone you’d like to know about, let us know at info@utahcfa.org.

This is a work in progress. The site will continue to evolve but our goal remains: tell the story of architectural design in Utah through the people who created it.

We are thankful to the contributors who make this possible and invite you to join us. Donate today.

Sources of Profile Information

This project is a collaboration of the Utah Center for Architecture, and the University of Utah’s American West Center and J.W. Marriott Library Special Collections. All material is copyrighted and permanently archived with the University of Utah. A graduate student researcher is compiling the post-1949 materials under the direction of a historian.






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