Community Design


Whether issues emerge from growth or development challenges, sustainable design goals, or the need for more interesting and beautiful places within our urban areas, the UCFA is a resource and will team with local groups to help create solutions. In October, 2012, UCFA collaborated with the Friends of the South Salt Lake and Sugar House Streetcar to hold a design workshop with to develop ideas to enhance the streetcar corridor so it becomes a public amenity.

Collaborative Design Assistance Teams

In partnership with AIA and other professional organizations, UCFA can form a design assistance team to facilitate community-based decisions and generate ideas. This process is not a substitute for hiring professional consultants, but will help establish community-based goals and direction. In 2010, UCFA and AIA Northern Utah volunteers worked with the Stokes Nature Center leaders to develop conceptual designs for a visitor center to qualify for Department of Transportation Funding.

Ideas Competitions

To stimulate new ideas and challenge thinking about what public places can be, UCFA will initiate competitions and events.