Guide to Acronyms

Many sources of information cited on the architect profiles are abbreviated. Here is a guide to the ones most commonly used. Some have variations.

DESNEWS: Deseret News

DESWEEKLYNEWS: Deseret Weekly News

LDS: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

LDSLIB: LDS Church History Library

LOGANDIR: Logan Directory

NA: Not Available

NP: Not Published

OGDENDIR: Ogden Directory

PROVODIR: Provo Directory

SLCDIR: Salt Lake City Directory

SLTRIB: Salt Lake Tribune

USHS: Utah State Historical Society

UT HERITAGE FNDT (and variations): Utah Heritage Foundation

UTHF: Utah Heritage Foundation

UTRE: State of Utah Registration (Licensure)

Location Abbreviations

CBD: Central Business District [Salt Lake City]

BCBD: Beyond [Salt Lake City] Central Business District

UU: University of Utah campus

WC: Westminster College campus