About UCFA

The Utah Center for Architecture educates the public about the power of the built environment to shape our lives, communities, and culture.

The Utah Center for Architecture (UCFA) supports education and initiatives focused on contemporary architecture as well as Utah’s architectural past, our urban environments and created landscapes. We invite Utah’s citizens to gain a new understanding of the places that surround us, join the conversation about “good design”, and support our initiatives to create great places.

Our purpose:



In 1983, the Utah Chapter of The American Institute of Architects formed the Utah Foundation for Architecture and the Built Environment as a separate non-profit organization for public outreach and education. This Foundation was active for about a dozen years, offering public lectures, TV segments, and sponsoring special projects. It then became inactive until 2008, when a special project—the Utah Architects Project—inspired AIA Utah to reinstate the Foundation. In doing so, organizers saw a very different potential for public involvement than the one created a generation ago and re-created the organization as the Utah Center for Architecture (UCFA). It is broadly inclusive of all built environment design.

A volunteer board directs the UCFA and collaborates with other organizations on projects of mutual interest.