Feb 2nd, 2016

UCFA’s Who’s Who

The Utah Center for Architecture is not staffed. That means our board members are the heroes of the organization–doing the hands-on work of planning and carrying out programs as well as the traditional board roles of fiduciary oversight, policy setting, and meeting non-profit laws and standards. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished in six years–launching Architecture Week in Utah, creating the Utah Architects Project, expanding Educating Elementary Children Through Architecture, and joining with other civic, academic, and community groups to engage the public in design and planning. After all, those decisions affect our lives every day.

Our 2016 Board Members are: Clio Rayner, President; Robin Carbaugh, Vice President; Evan Haslam, Secretary/Treasurer; Warren Lloyd, Immed. Past President; and Directors Ashley Babbitt, Robert Herman, Elizabeth Mitchell, Adam Mow, Prescott Muir, Jessica Norie, Ryan Potter, Jared Wright, and Heather Wilson (Ex Officio).

By the way, this means that 100% of any contribution to UCFA goes to programs.