2019 UCFA Architecture Week – Walking Tour Map

PDF of map: 2019-Granary-Mural-Map

Additional Murals have just been located, and not on the map below:
1. Bears Ears mural by Josh Scheuerman – across from Fisher Brewery. Josh also painted “Brew” on Fisher Brewery.
2. Mural by Trent Call and Mike Murdoch – 913 Jefferson Street (150 W), across the street from Laziz Kitchen
3. Mural by Trent Call – 877 S 200 West (west facade of apartment building)
4. Graffiti walls (on and in building) – west of Ed’s Place approximately 350 W 700 South
5. Mural by Jason Naylor, sponsored by Toms Shoes – East side of Maud’s Cafe 422a 900 South
6. Mural by Brand Aid + kids + community of the VOA Youth Homeless Resource Center – NE corner of 900 South and 400 West.
7. Mural by Nate Pack on south side of The State Room – 638 S. State Street
8. Mural on north side of Curry Fried Chicken – 660 S State Street